An honest adieu to my 1-year girlfriend

Hi! Hope you’re doing okay and losing some belly fat that you try to keep hiding because you’re just too lazy to get off your ass and sweat out a little. I started by loving you, and ended up hating myself for ever falling for you. I do regret kissing you and I regret wasting my selfless love and precious time on you. Continue reading An honest adieu to my 1-year girlfriend

Crime and Spirituality

Recently, I somewhat let myself delve into the subject of spirituality. While going through a few articles to educate myself about the significance of Maha Mrityunjay Mantra and the proper way to chant it, I came across a website called “” where at the end of the article, it was mentioned how even after handing out capital punishments and rigorous imprisonment to the culprits of rape, the rate at which the heinous act of sexual assaults like gang-rapes is taking place seems to be on the rise. Continue reading Crime and Spirituality

Enemies galore for Prez Trump and PM Modi

Leaders like President Trump and PM Narendra Modi have a lot in common including the fact whether you like it or not, that they click with their supporters for obvious reasons. Not to mention the abusive nouns they are subjected to by the Communist-controlled media and the Left-liberals. Continue reading Enemies galore for Prez Trump and PM Modi

Bhogali Bihu — a festival of food and dance!

The Assamese people celebrate Magh or Bhogali Bihu with their family and friends that marks the end of the harvest season. The true spirit of this festival lies in rural Assam, and not much in the cities, where youngsters and middle-aged men confuse between the two — celebrating in traditional way; and getting drunk with the loudspeakers blaring out music the whole day! This festival also proves to be a cash-cow for the Assamese singers who get invited to perform (and also to get paid) by various committees in their respective towns and villages. Continue reading Bhogali Bihu — a festival of food and dance!

Civilization and the Pot

The clouds were still, of various shapes and sizes brushed with a shade of yellow. And every time I looked above, they gave me a warm, cozy feeling, like a quilt wrapped around me in an early winter morning providing a sense of comfort . It reminded me that this is the only beautiful planet we have and that we human beings are lucky to be born as humans, because we can appreciate the beauty and the ugliness within of this planet and put them into words. DSCN7704_ Continue reading Civilization and the Pot

A photoblog by Kaushik