My solo trip to Varanasi during Mahashivratri — Part I

WTF! An alien ejaculated on my tush!

Yesterday I had one of the weirdest, if not the scariest dreams. I was trying hard to wake myself up but couldn’t. It felt so real. After going through my dream that I have mentioned below in details, most of you would certainly laugh as I did after I got up, but I can assure you it was no fun when I was in that dream. So this is how it goes: Continue reading WTF! An alien ejaculated on my tush!

A case for God — views of a former atheist

It was the month of January this year when I instantly got off the bus halfway while coming home from office after I saw a small group of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) devotees distributing Bhagavad Gita to the pedestrians and were singing the Hare Krishna Hare Krishna mantra on a hand-held loudspeaker. I really wanted to clear my doubts about the supremacy of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) because there are scriptures that contradict each other and being somewhat interested in religious philosophy, this particular doubt was making me anxious for a few days. This all started with the Bible and Jesus when I was sick of living a life of Continue reading A case for God — views of a former atheist

War and the living dead — a tribute to Vietnam veterans

Note: This blog isn’t a movie review.

Until yesterday evening, I had a different topic in mind to write a blog about, but at late night I watched a couple of movies that made me change my mind. The first one was 1917 directed by Sam Mendes and the second one was The Last Full Measure. Both of them are war movies and were released last year. The acting was brilliant and so was the plot. I checked the rating of The Last Full Measure (TLFM) on imdb and I must say that it disappointed me a little because it was definitely better than an average rating of 6.5. With no disrespect to Sam Mendes and the fallen soldiers of the World War I, I am going to write mostly about TLFM here and how it overwhelmed me with such emotions that I never believed any war movie could do it to me. This particular film moved me to the core. It wasn’t an all out war movie. Those who like to watch drama films, I’m sure they will appreciate this one too. Continue reading War and the living dead — a tribute to Vietnam veterans

Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything

The following article is from a notebook where I mentioned my experience after getting high on marijuana one night. After a gap of nearly 3 months, I was feeling like having a few drags in chillum. So I went up to the terrace of our apartment and I smoked it up alone. Earlier I used to smoke up with friends while chatting about whatever topic used to pop up at the time. But not anymore. Now whenever I like to get high, I just find a quiet place from where I can see the clouds during the day and the stars at night while getting lost in my own thoughts.  That particular night, there were upsurge of different ideas and emotions within like never before. Sure I got high before on marijuana. Extremely high. But never did I have such an overwhelming feeling like I had that night. I HAD to put them in words in whatever limited way I can. Continue reading Everything is nothing. Nothing is everything

Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong


A photoblog by Kaushik