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Bhogali Bihu — a festival of food and dance!

The Assamese people celebrate Magh or Bhogali Bihu with their family and friends that marks the end of the harvest season. The true spirit of this festival lies in rural Assam, and not much in the cities, where youngsters and middle-aged men confuse between the two — celebrating in traditional way; and getting drunk with the loudspeakers blaring out music the whole day! This festival also proves to be a cash-cow for the Assamese singers who get invited to perform (and also to get paid) by various committees in their respective towns and villages. Continue reading Bhogali Bihu — a festival of food and dance!

Civilization and the Pot

The clouds were still, of various shapes and sizes brushed with a shade of yellow. And every time I looked above, they gave me a warm, cozy feeling, like a quilt wrapped around me in an early winter morning providing a sense of comfort . It reminded me that this is the only beautiful planet we have and that we human beings are lucky to be born as humans, because we can appreciate the beauty and the ugliness within of this planet and put them into words. DSCN7704_ Continue reading Civilization and the Pot

Kolkata Derby – A matter of life and tears

It’s been almost a year since I watched the derby between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. Today is the first round of derby in I-league, and I can hardly wait. IMG_20171203_114724_

It’s strange how a  cricket-crazy fan like me turned into a football lover, and it all began ten years ago when I left Guwahati to study BBA in Delhi where I met a college senior from Kolkata (an East Bengal fan through and through)  who introduced me to the beautiful game. Continue reading Kolkata Derby – A matter of life and tears