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Memories — A chapter closed

It’s been just over a year since we broke up. After deciding to go our separate ways and never to stay in touch, you still kept sending messages and emails. I didn’t want to be rude and so I kept replying to those sms and emails too. I always had a bit of resentment towards you after realizing that all that you kept saying about staying and growing old together were mere words weaved in your fantasy and didn’t have anything to do with reality. But my love for you overtook that resentment and made me move on. I know you still miss me and I believed it when you said that nobody ever made you feel so warm and happy. This was obvious from what you wrote in those mails and from what you said a few months ago about wanting to be in a relationship with me even after you getting married to Iry. I really wanted to believe Continue reading Memories — A chapter closed

An honest adieu to my 1-year girlfriend

Hi! Hope you’re doing okay and losing some belly fat that you try to keep hiding because you’re just too lazy to get off your ass and sweat out a little. I started by loving you, and ended up hating myself for ever falling for you. I do regret kissing you and I regret wasting my selfless love and precious time on you. Continue reading An honest adieu to my 1-year girlfriend